Working at a hotel in Indiana, Charles and Cindy Jordan each worked different shifts giving them little time together. Part of their duties was driving the shuttle van to bring guests to the hotel and then take them to various destinations in town.

Many over the road truck drivers used the shuttle to and from the hotel, giving Charles and Cindy the opportunity to talk to them.  The drivers gave the couple the idea of becoming truckers.  This appealed to them so they could be together more and make a better living.

Doing their homework, they found a company that would pay for their schooling for a one-year contract.  After driving for various fleet owners to gain experience, the couple heard of Expediter Services; they quickly decided to go to work for them in 2008.  Cindy said they are content at the company.  “They are awesome people to work with.  They pay well, if a mistake is made, which can happen anywhere, they rectify it very quickly.  The whole staff is very supportive, but especially our dispatcher.”

Since going to work for Expediter Services, Charles and Cindy are buying a new home and hope to buy their first truck in 2015.  They just moved into a new truck, a 2015 Cascadia straight truck, with a tag axle and a refrigerated box leased on with Panther.  Cindy said, “Expediter Services is family orientated.   They have it in the contract with Panther that if you stay out three weeks, you can go home for a week, we love that.  In 2009, I became sick and needed surgery; my dispatcher and his wife were supportive.   While I was off after surgery, Expediter Services allowed Charles to run solo until I was able to come home.  If you are good to them, they are good right back.”

To learn more about expediting check out  To learn more about Expediter Services, be sure to visit their booth at the Expedite Expo 2015 July 24th and 25th in Wilmington OH.