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Expedite NOW Launched in 2002. Expedite NOW magazine is the industry’s premier bi-monthly, buyer & career guide for the expedite trucking industry. Coverage includes industry news and information, business management, career opportunities, truck reviews, events and profiles. The magazine has a current circulation of 25,500 and growing!

Expedite NOW is the only trucking magazine focused exclusively on the $5 billion expedited trucking industry. Geared towardOwner Operators & Small Fleet Owners, this bi-monthly digest-sized magazine, covers career opportunities, industry news, business management,truck reviews, and events.

Founded: 2002

Circulation: Owner Operators & Fleet Owners of Class 2 – Class 8 Trucks.

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Distribution: Petro, Love’s, Pilot, Flying J Truck Stops, including in-home subscriptions.

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