Author: Sean M. Lyden

The (Untraditional) Road to Fleet Owner Success

The traditional road to a career in expedited trucking usually goes something like this. You get into the business after you’ve retired or empty-nested. If you start as an owner-operator, you’ll typically wait a few years before ever thinking about becoming a fleet owner. And if you’re married, the spouse usually works in the venture with you, either as a team driver or helping to run the business. But Korey Walper took a different route to success in expediting. He started as an owner-operator—not after retirement, but in his early 20s, a few years after leaving college. He became...

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Know What to Expect With Your Expedited Trucking Carrier

Why do owner-operators leave a trucking carrier? If you ask carrier executives, the vast majority will tell you that the top reason is because of pay, says Tim Hindes, chief executive officer of Stay Metrics, a South Bend, Ind. firm that helps motor carriers capture insightful data to boost their driver engagement and retention rates. And that explains why you see a lot of trucking recruiters tout their sign-on bonuses, compensation plans and benefits. But surveys of drivers and owner-operators tell a different story, says Hindes. “The number one reason across all carriers and all types of drivers, including...

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3 Best Practices to Cut Fuel Costs, Grow Profit

In recent weeks, with the devastating aftermaths of Hurricanes Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida, the national average price for diesel has jumped from $2.52 before Harvey to $2.72 a few days after Irma, a span of about three weeks, according to AAA’s fuel price guide as of press time. This may only be a short-term spike in fuel prices, and it’s definitely a far cry from the over $4.00 per gallon for diesel about five years ago. Back then, veteran expedite owner-operators Bob and Linda Caffee spent over $70,000 on fuel in a year–about $40,000 more than...

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The Road to Fleet Owner: Making the Transition

The challenge is that your income depends on you driving the truck. If you don’t run it, you don’t get paid. That’s why a growing number of entrepreneurial-minded owner-operators are becoming fleet owners, where they own multiple trucks that earn income for them, whether they’re driving, sleeping or playing. The idea is that the more trucks you own and keep on the road, the greater your income potential. And you’re building a business asset that grows in value and paves the road to a more lucrative retirement. But with the bigger potential reward also comes greater risk with fleet...

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Expedite Expo ’17 Recap: A Show That Reflects a Changing Industry

Even after 17 years, Expedite Expo 2017 was marked by several firsts in the show’s history including a new format, new role-specific workshops, and a new industry award–that were all well received by attendees and exhibitors. And while attendance by owner-operators and drivers grew from 2016, the fastest growing segment among this year’s attendees was fleet owners who own anywhere from two to over 30 trucks. “The show’s attendance reflects a trend that’s occurring within our industry as a whole–that is, the fast and furious growth of fleet owners,” says Lawrence McCord, chief executive officer of On Time Media...

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Q & A with Bryan Hadley of Omada Worldwide

Former driver, and current CEO of Omada Worldwide Bryan Hadley shared with us stories of his time on the road as well as the mission of Omada Worldwide. EN: Tell us a little about yourself, Bryan! BH: I am a family man with a lovely wife, 3 beautiful daughters, and two dogs. I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and girls watching movies, playing games, and going to the water park with my daughters. I enjoy working out at the gym and on occasion splurging on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. My wife and I are the owners...

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3 Reasons You Should Attend Expedite Expo ’17

Whatever your role and goal is on the expedited trucking journey, Expedite Expo 2017 has something to offer to help you put your career in high gear. Perhaps you’re a driver seeking tips on how to boost your income. Or, you’re an owner-operator looking to take your business to the next level. Or, you’re a fleet owner wanting to expand your knowledge– and driver contacts–to grow your fleet. Whatever your role and goal is on the expedited trucking journey, Expedite Expo 2017 has something to offer to help you put your career in high gear. Launched in 2001, Expedite...

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8 Point Checklist for Designing Your Custom Sleeper for Comfort-and Your Bottom Line

If you’re going to be living in an expediter straight truck for several weeks at a time, you might as well make the sleeper as much like home as possible, right? Yes…and no. As an owner-operator, you’re also a business owner. And that means you need to also think about the financial impact of your sleeper selection. So, the key is to strike the right balance between comfort considerations (sleeper size and amenities) and practicality (cargo capacity and sleeper cost). But with numerous options to sift through, how do you determine which ones will help you balance your comfort...

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3 Fleet Owner Tips to Recruit (and Keep) Good Drivers

Dave Corfman, who has been a fleet owner in expediting for over three decades, recalls a story about a father and son team he hired several years ago. “There was this laziness factor where they didn’t want to take a load even though they’d have a good run staring right at ’em,” says Corfman, who operates a fleet of six straight trucks. “The father wanted to retire and let the son make most of the decisions and do most of the work. But they’d get a 2,000-mile load and complain, ‘That’s just too far.’ Or, ‘I’m too tired.’ Then...

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7 BIG Changes in Expedite Trucking Since the 90’s

The expedited trucking sector got its start in the early 1980’s, not long after deregulation. And it began to flourish in the 1990’s as automakers and other manufacturers turned to “just-in-time delivery” as an innovative strategy to reduce their parts inventories and improve production efficiencies. So, what has changed in expedited trucking since those early days? Quite a lot. But here are seven big changes that have played a major role in shaping the expedite business today. 1. Emergence of Eurostyle Cargo Vans that Haul More Freight, Enhance Driver Safety In the 1990’s, the U.S. van market was ruled...

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