Mitch Feidt is a true American. Born in Washington, PA and currently residing outside of Harrisburg, PA, Feidt has lived all over the country. He has met people all across our nation and done business with more people that he can count. But Pennsylvania will always be home.

Loyal to his birth town, Feidt is an all-out Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Black and gold Terrible Towels and all.

Prior to his time in expediting, Feidt was a hard working man in the business of home repairs. He was good at it. But in 2003, he and Shelly, his wife of nine years, saw the potential in the expedite industry.

Feidt’s mother and stepfather entered the industry in the Spring of 2003 with FedEx Custom Critical. He would switch off on team runs with both of them, and in the Fall of 2003, Mitch and Shelly jumped into the industry together, also with FedEx Custom Critical. Feidt is a loyal man. He has never broken away from his first carrier and to this day, deals exclusively with FedEx Custom Critical.

In 2003, at a company event, he first met John Lalonde of Fyda Freightliner. Over the years, he and John would bump into each other from time to time and Feidt heard more and more about Lalonde from other connections. In 2009, Mitch and Shelly purchased their first used T-val from John Lalonde.

Since that time, the Feidts have purchased 11 trucks, all from Lalonde. They now have a small fleet running seven trucks for Fedex Custom Critical. When asked about his fleet, Feidt exclaimed, “We have great relationships with all our drivers. We try to make work as pleasant for everyone as possible. We have 7 great teams that we are very proud of!”

In regards to how Lalonde and Fyda Freightliner have affected his business, Feidt stated, “They took in a guy who had never bought a truck before and made the process easy. They worked with me to find the right truck and the proper financing. The whole process was so smooth that we obviously kept coming back! John was able to help at every turn. Sometimes, financing matters can be very complicated. But John has always been there to help out and he has treated us right. John’s vendors have helped us very well too. Any problems we’ve had on repairs, he has been willing to help in a very timely fashion.”

In closing, Feidt emphasized, “Over the years, we gained a really good business, working relationship with Fyda. They all know us by name. Fyda feels like family. They make this process so much easier at every turn. They have hundreds of customers, but we feel very important every time.”

For more information on Fyda Freightliner, please contact John Lalonde at (800)-5893932 x 1214.