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3 Things Things Owner-Operators Need to be a Part of Landstar’s Cold Chain Solution

The industry has a growing need for owner-operators in cold chain services. At Landstar, we understand that serving our cold chain customers starts with you, the owner-operator. In order to meet the requirements of the healthcare and biotech industries, we need owner-operator teams who can consistently rise to meet the challenges associated with transporting high-value, high-security, temperature-critical shipments. That means much more than owning temperature-controlled and thermal-mapped reefer equipment. It means teams who are up to the challenge of 24-hour temperature monitoring and who are ready for equipment tracking and layered security measures. Consider becoming a part of Landstar’s...

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Q & A with Jim Welch and Jeff Curry of Premium Transportation Logistics

Jim Welch & Jeff Curry share their new secret sauce for success at Premium Transportation Logistics Tell us a little about yourselves, Jeff & Jim. Jim Welch and I were with Express-1 for years. Jim was a founding owner and ran sales and operations, and I came in a few years later and got involved in a variety of capacities with Express-1. The business went public in 2004 under the ticker symbol XPO. Subsequently, the company was purchased and was used as the launching pad for what is known as XPO Logistics today. Both Jim and I left the business...

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Q & A with Simon Bunegar of CX North America

ExpediteNow sits down with Simon Bunegar to inquire about how up-and-coming CX North America is changing the technology game in expedite. EN: Simon, tell us a little bit about your background. SB: I started out doing research in AI and speech recognition systems. That turned into 10 years as a hardcore tech-head building specialised satcombased networks in some rather volatile parts of the world. Since then I’ve been involved pretty much non-stop in the B2B technology space for the transport and customer service sectors, no less challenging but less need for bodyguards or obscure vaccinations! EN: What is your...

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Expedite Expo 2017: July 14 & 15

Join us in Lexington, KY on July 14 & 15 for the 17th annual Expedite Expo! We’re focused, with an exciting new format to optimize exhibitor and attendee interactions. In the mornings we will focus on workshops with then exclusive Expo hours to follow. And for the first time, we’ll have dedicated workshops for every type of person attending, whether you’re a fleet owner, a CEO, or a driver. Find out more and register today...

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Q & A: Kristy Lohre, Event Manager, Talks About Expedite Expo ’17

EN: Kristy, can you tell us a little bit about your background and what lead you to the Expedite Expo? KL: I was at my previous job for 13 years. I planned trade shows and conferences for another company that produced magazines also. My biggest job for the company was the largest sign show in Mexico City, which I did for 10 years. I was lucky to travel to all sorts of great places and meet great people but the 45+ minute commute was a killer, and my kids started telling me they liked me at home. I was...

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Q & A with Team Dodson of Summit Express

Team Dodson Talks Life on the Road Can you tell us a little about yourself? John and Anna Dodson. Married 21 years, we have been trucking almost 20 years as a team. John taught me (Anna) to drive. Can you tell us about your truck? Our truck is a 2015 T-680 Kenworth, bought new in 2014. It now has 459,000 miles. How long have you been in the trucking industry? John has been in the trucking industry 35 years. I have 20 years. Why did you choose time sensitive, expedited freight? We didn’t really choose the time sensitive freight,...

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Q & A with Load One Transportation Logistics

For many years, Load One Transportation & Logistics has been an industry leader in the use of technology and advancement in American Trucking. As they continue to spur industrial improvements, we speak to Brian Welsh about present and future developments in the ever-changing world of Expedite Trucking How long have you been in the industry? I’ve been in the transportation industry for over 30 years, actually started as a driver. I have been in this crazy business we call expediting for about ten years, first in operations, fleet management, and now as the lone recruiter for the past 7...

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Nikola Motor Company Innovation Gives Thompson New Opportunity

In February of this year, Caterpillar announced its departure from the on-highway vocational truck market as part of the company’s ongoing restructuring to align its businesses with existing conditions. Thus, many CAT dealers like Thompson Machinery who had invested heavily in capital assets and had many talented employees to service the on-highway truck market found themselves searching for new ideas to serve their customers. “It’s amazing what our team can do when presented with a challenge,” states De Thompson V, President and CEO of Thompson Machinery. “Within a few months, our team had identified a new partner in Trevor...

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Owner of MS Feidt Transportation Teams with Fyda

Mitch Feidt is a true American. Born in Washington, PA and currently residing outside of Harrisburg, PA, Feidt has lived all over the country. He has met people all across our nation and done business with more people that he can count. But Pennsylvania will always be home. Loyal to his birth town, Feidt is an all-out Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Black and gold Terrible Towels and all. Prior to his time in expediting, Feidt was a hard working man in the business of home repairs. He was good at it. But in 2003, he and Shelly, his wife of...

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Wheelhouse Guards

Wheelhouse Guards provide a protective shield for the wheelhouse. The makers of the Power Deck, an electric pallet positioning system for cargo vans, have launched a new product aiming to expedite cargo transfer in a safe and efficient manner. Their new Wheelhouse Guards provide a protective shield for the wheelhouse which is often damaged or punctured during the loading/unloading process. Easily installed, the guards are a simple way to protect a driver’s investment, but more importantly they offer yet one more way in which an expediter can deliver their load faster for the customer. There are models designed specifically...

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