ES has continued to have deep roots in expediting while your company has expanded your offerings to other sectors within the trucking industry. Can you talk about your continued commitment to the expedited sector and how you are also working in other areas of trucking?

Jason: The opportunity to be a part of the return of the Expedite Expo is special for all of us at ES. While we have grown as a company and we have expanded our scope of services over the past few years, we remain invested heavily in expediting. Everyone should know that we are going to continue to invest in expedite – in the equipment we own, with the equipment we lease and through out programs that offer truck ownership opportunities.

When you look at ES today, we are in less than truckload (LTL), full truckload (TL) and expedite. We are actually looking to move into drayage as well as flatbed. And while these are different sectors within trucking and they each have some unique needs, the basic fundamental elements are the same. Operations in each of these sectors need a good truck asset to utilize. They need good financing options that are conducive to driving profits and allowing trade-ins and good cycles to let that truck regenerate itself. They need good support services in order to make good decisions from a legal standpoint and/or financial standpoint. They need buying power to help achieve improvements in top-line revenue, which is one of the keys to increasing the overall profitability of your business. So, what we’re doing within one sector of trucking, we’re doing for the other – always with some tweaks or with uniqueness for that particular segment.

Can you give us a brief overview of the ES Community and how ES works to position the members of the ES Community for Success In Trucking?

Jason: The ES Community is made up of motor carriers, service providers and program participants, which include independent contractors, owner-operators, and fleet owners. Basically, if you have a relationship with ES, you are part of our community. We have structured the ES Community to support all the businesses in the community. Through a lot of hard work, we have been blessed to see the ES Community grow. When we look at where we are today, it’s not a community of 10,000+ individual trucks. It’s one community that consists of over 10,000 individual trucks, and they’re dependent on each other in order to get access to all the discounts,
available to members. In our community, everybody supports the whole and the whole supports everybody.

At ES, we make our money on the success of the community. For ES to be successful, we need each individual, small business to be operating successfully and profitably. We focus on driving profits through to the business owner. We help our community members in identifying and analyzing new revenue streams. We look at cash flow and helping owners grow their businesses in order to take advantage
of opportunities in front of them. We also assist them by bringing in buying power, which then drives the expenses out of the business so that they can actually take that revenue and make a profit off of it.

What does ES have planned for the 2021 Expedite Expo and what should visitors to the Expo expect from ES?

Jeff: First of all, Expediter Services will once again be serving as the presenting sponsor for the Expedite Expo, and we’re thrilled about the return of the Expo this year. Our ES Team is really excited to be back at the Expo, which is a perfect event for us because our company is relationship centric and meeting with people face to face is very important to us. I can tell you that the attendees at the Expo will be the center of attention during the event, and the people who spend time with us will see that our focus will be on helping them become more successful in trucking.

One of the big highlights for our ES Team will be the IN-SITE at the Expo Dinner that ES will be hosting on Friday evening, July 16th, beginning at 5:00 p.m. We’ve had these Friday night dinners in previous years during the Expedite Expo, and we are looking forward to continuing the tradition here in 2021. Everyone who is coming to the Expo is invited to attend the IN-SITE dinner – due to limited seating, dinner registration is required.

In our planning for the dinner, we’ll have adequate spacing for this type of gathering. We also have a fun and informative program lined up for our dinner event. You will get an update on our company, our outlook on expediting and the overarching industry. You will also hear some views on the economy. But mostly, everyone who attends the dinner will get to see how ES is focused on future opportunities and how we can help professional drivers, aspiring entrepreneurs and trucking business owners with the unrivaled advantages ES brings to today’s marketplace.