ExpediteNOW magazine had the opportunity to sit down with two gentlemen from Roadrunner Expedite: Gary Miles, Manager of Safety & Recruiting, and Owner Operator Patrick Jackson

We’ll start with Gary Miles, who manages the safety and recruiting department.

1. Your ad has “true expedite” in bold at the top of your ad, what does that mean?
At Roadrunner Expedite, we don’t dabble in Expedite; we are Expedite, period. Our sales group works very hard to retain some of the biggest OEM’s in the country. We don’t rely on other people’s loads or boards, our freight is expedite and direct from the source. No watered-down rates, just premium freight in desirable lanes

2. What are some of the benefits of working directly with some of the biggest OEM’s in the business?
Having direct contact along with an open dialog from safety to dependability makes us be the success we are. It also builds a trust which shows in the multiple “Supplier of the Year” and “Excellence” awards we have received over the years as a team.

3. Roadrunner Expedite is part of a team along with Active On-Demand and USA Jet. How does that work?
It makes us “True Expedite”. Add our core values of Integrity, Mutual Respect, Flexibility, Accountability, and Credibility and we can’t be beat. From turnover to overall constancy, I’ve never worked for a better company that strives hard to create a partnership with our Owner Ops.

4. What exactly are you looking for?
We need teams, both Owner Ops and existing teams looking to become owner operators. We have some great leasing options for everyone. We also have some opportunities for established teams for some fleet owned straight trucks and these are some of the nicest straights I’ve ever seen.
Next we will hear from Owner Operator Patrick Jackson.
5. Patrick, you’ve been an Owner Operator for RRE since 2015. It’s been a down market; how has Roadrunner Expedite adapted?
It’s been tough everywhere, but RRE has managed to keep us busy without lowering rates even when things were out of their hands. Consistency and the people are what keeps us here.

6. Your old truck was a beauty and is on the cover of this magazine. You’ve since bought another; can you tell us a little about it?
We had the truck pictured on the cover when we signed on at RRE. At that time, I was driving with my wife Carolyn, but she was talking about retiring and we decided to buy a new Western Star and start teaming with my Grandson. Our current truck is a beauty and will probably be the last one I purchase but it will give my Grandson a great start.

7. We understand you’ve recently gotten into riding four wheelers with your Grandson in Tennessee. Can you please tell us about them?
We were hauling these four wheelers for RRE on a regular basis and decided once we had the chance, we’d go look at them. It was love at first ride! We each ended up buying a Polaris RZR Turbo S, the baddest machines on the planet. Whenever we get home, you can find up in the mountains tearing it up.

8. What keeps you leased on to Roadrunner Expedite?
The people are great; we all get along. Roadrunner Expedite gets Owner Ops to respect the investment we have. When we’re given an appointment, it means we’ve got to be there, no questions asked. Our company expects it and even more important our customers do and without them, we be just another company.

9. In somewhat of a slow freight year like 2019, how would you personally advise drivers heading into 2020?
Look for consistency and communication. Tighten up your belts and operate smart. We’re in a cycle; it’s happened before and it will happen again. How you operate your business will tell if you survive or not. I’m not worried.

10. What is something you are excited about in the near future at Roadrunner Expedite?
Well if the rumors are true about some new customers, we’re going to be busier than ever and we’re looking forward to the ride.