Last month’s article and blog generated feedback from Multis who are ‘doing it right.’ I agree emphatically that the Multi model CAN be done correctly but has been bruised by some bad apples.

Here’s some of the feedback I received of “Why I’m a Multi” from Owner Operators who haul for more than one Motor Carrier:

  1. “Leverage” was stressed in multiple discussions. Multis believe they have leverage over their Motor Carriers when they run for more than one company because they feel they can tell which company and dispatcher is working hardest for them based on the loads provided.
  2. “Camaraderie” was emphasized with discussions of who’s running hot or cold including the average rate per mile, who’s “fair” and who favors the “latest fleet”.
  3. Underscore “Access to Shipments” because Multis believe they have access to more freight when expanding their Motor Carrier base beyond one option.
  4. “Cost of Insurance” was cited as those with good credit, driving record and demographics experience the best independent insurance rates vs. the common complaint of “nickel and diming” through the inhouse plans which support more expensive drivers.
  5. At the end of the day, all said that they like the “Freedom” that being a Multi provides them.

Look, I believe the vast majority of the Multis I insure are doing it right.

But just like doctors, lawyers and insurance agents work to clean up their bad apples, I encourage professional drivers to talk at truck stops and educate that “running rogue” is what forces down everyone’s rates.

Whether you’re a Multi or a Traditional, it’s not too late to bring Expedite freight back to the Elite status of trucking many of us remember.