Expediters deliver time sensitive freight all across North America every single day of the year, but once that load is delivered many drivers take advantage of seeing the sites. We asked these drivers from the ExpeditersOnline.com Forum what sites and scenes they’ve seen recently.

Hometown: South Lyon, MI
I took a load to Pueblo, CO and crossed over to Cortez for my load out. Yeah, it’s a yawn for 99% of the people here was I was pumped and really enjoyed the trip. Eager to go back.

Hometown: Lowell, IN
Cincinnati OH of all places. Went to Jungle Jims, a nice place to spend a few hours. There was a large music festival on the North side of the river. We crossed a bridge over the river lined with women’s panties to honor a female cancer victim. There was a sausage festival on the South side of the river. Also a big entertainment center (food, bars, bowling,etc.) Lots of street performers doing their thing. Did the high speed go-carts, played miniature golf, found a great Peruvian restaurant, and drove down to truckstop to shower. Actually seemed to be a pretty happening place.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Watford City, ND. I had been through there a few years ago coming out of Montana, just another small town. In July I delivered to a construction site. I was amazed to see the town had more than doubled in area. New buildings downtown and the south end was all new retail, motels and apartments. The new Casey’s gas and convenience store had 8 fuel islands and at 4:00am pickup trucks were lined up waiting for gas, coffee and food, truly a boomtown.

Hometown: Monroe, MI
Had a great weekend with my wife’s family in Louisiana, visiting, got some fishing in too.

Hometown: Silex, MO
Marked off my bucket list seeing the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in Oregon. Plenty of truck parking. The best airplane museum we have been to that has tour guides that know the history of the planes and the time line of aviation. Seeing the Spruce Goose in person was as awesome as I thought it would be.

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Rossville GA to see my new Great Grand baby Amelia. What a doll!

Hometown: Dresden, TN
Corpus Christi, TX. Toured the WWII Aircraft Carrier “USS LEXINGTON. It was great.

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Buffalo, NY. Truck broke down and we got a 4-day weekend to explore. Niagara Falls is quite large and impressive.

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
NYC just last month, delivered to AMEX right next door to the new World Trade Center.

We delivered a load near Burlington, VT in the fall and were fortunate to visit my uncle over the weekend who has a farm. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I grew up in Alaska. The fall colors there were spectacular and I experienced Maine lobster for the first time. I may ask to get routed there next fall