Former driver, and current CEO of Omada Worldwide Bryan Hadley shared with us stories of his time on the road as well as the mission of Omada Worldwide.

EN: Tell us a little about yourself, Bryan!

BH: I am a family man with a lovely wife, 3 beautiful daughters, and two dogs. I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and girls watching movies, playing games, and going to the water park with my daughters. I enjoy working out at the gym and on occasion splurging on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. My wife and I are the owners of Omada Worldwide Expedite which we started in 2006 with a vision of bringing together great people who understood the demands of the market and the challenges of manufacturers to deliver not only products and materials, but a brand experience.

EN: What’s your favorite kind of music right?

BH: My choice of music is always dependent upon my mood. If I am training at the gym I enjoy very fast paced music or if I need to relax and get some peace “instrumental worship” music always does the trick.

EN: How long has Omada Worldwide been in business and what types of vehicles are you running?

BH: OMADA Worldwide launched in 2006. Our fleet consists of Straight Trucks, Sprinter vans, and Cargo vans however we currently run our Tractor Trailer freight thru our brokerage. We are currently looking to build out our fleet with tractor trailers in the very near future.

EN: How did you personally get into this industry?

BH: I started off in 1999 running a route with my father and that was the first introduction I had to the industry. Later on my father and I obtained an account that couriered freight around the world. We had our couriers flying critical parts all over the globe to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China and many other nations. This was a pinnacle point for our business, that helped launch me into other areas of shipping.

EN: What is one major change you have witnessed in the expedite industry over the years?

BH: The advancement of Technology. For Example the utilization of “macropoint” has allowed our company to track drivers thru our brokerage just like our own fleet is tracked. This technology has opened up new business for Omada Worldwide.

EN: If you were to give a new driver in 2017 a valuable piece of advice, what would it be?

BH: My advice to drivers is be a team player. When I was a driver in the industry I learned quickly to take both the good and the bad shipments. I would not turn down very many shipments. This gave me favor with the dispatchers because they could rely on me to cover their difficult shipments and in turn they would give me the priceless shipments!! $$$$$$$

EN: What is something you feel sets Omada Worldwide apart as a successful motor carrier?

BH: What sets us apart from other companies is what we call our “OMADA Moments”. We are a company that goes the extra mile to service our customer. Here is an example of an “OMADA MOMENT.“

Superman to the Rescue: Omada, picked up a load going to a health club. It was 10 crated pieces, roughly 10,000lbs. When we arrived at the destination, there was no dock or door big enough to get the freight through. Needless to say, the customer was very upset. We knew this was an “Omada Moment” and that we had to go above and beyond. Our driver rolled up his sleeves and single handedly offloaded the weights… all 10,000 pounds … and carried them inside the gym. Needless to say, he was in great shape, and up to the task. While we don’t expect super human feats of strength from our drivers, we do expect a commitment to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

EN: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

BH: One of my favorite quotes that John Osteen would say: “Great is to dream the dream, when you stand in youth by the starry stream. But a greater thing is to fight life through, and say at the end that the dream is true.”

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