Tod and Coco

Landstar Express America

Truck Size: D Unit – Straight Truck

1.Laredo, TX, that used to be the worst area is now our best for a good load. And if the timing is right we get to stop in San Antonio to go to MiTerra.

2. Atlanta, GA is better freight than we had been getting with our previous carrier but, the options for good, safe parking are limited to the Petro.

3. Charlotte, NC is great because we get good loads now; we get to visit our friends, Barbara and George who recently retired from expediting and best of all the K & W Cafeteria.

Name: Phil and Diane Madsen

Carrier: FedEx Custom Critical

Truck Size: CR-Unit – Straight Truck

1. Bordentown, NJ. Petro truck stop. Lots of good freight coming out of that area. Other expediters are usualy there to visit with. Clean showers. Safe and easy place to park on the east coast.

2. Los Angeles, CA. Good freight in and out. Weather is usually good any time of the year. Lots of tourist stuff to do if time permits.

3. Minneapolis, MN. Good freight going out most days. Can park on our concrete pad at home and do truck cleaning and maintenance easier than on the road. 

Name: Tim Craig

Carrier: FedEx Custom Critical 

Truck Size: E Unit

1. Bordentown, NJ. The Petro good safe and clean T/S and Easy to go North, South and West from there.

2. Little America, Mt. Great Place In between Nowhere.

3. Portland, OR. Jubitz T/S the worlds best, And great Place to stay and a MUST to visit and sometimes allot of freight coming out of Portland and fairly close to Seattle and other spots.

Name: Andy Lanier

Carrier: FedEx Custom Critical 

Truck Size: D Unit

1. My back yard, Atlanta express center but 60 miles west, can’t beat the amenities and I always get a good load within 48 hours.

2. Georgetown, KY, two clean Pilots for showers and good Wal-Mart Super-Center to stay at nearby. Close to Cincinnati and Louisville for loads.

3. Evansville, IN, I like the area and the parking lots at the T stops are large. Only 150 miles to Nashville if I don’t get out the same or next day.