Whether you’re a Motor Carrier or Owner Op, expect a professional TRS Insurance Agent to know what coverage you are required to carry by all of the major Expedite entities.

Anyone quoting you with lower limits in the beginning of your term then increasing those limits to the standard you need in order to actually GET loads just starts you out on the wrong foot with Brokers, Shippers, 3PLs and other Motor Carriers.

Beware of dramatically low insurance quotes and financing because in the end, no big surprise when the insurance company increases your premium after the full risk is underwritten or audited. These charges are often made after the end of the policy term but effective retroactively back to the original start date.

With all the info floating around out there in cyberspace some insurance companies have become quite clever at finding data to justify higher premium adjustments even after the policy term actually ended.

As the TMS companies begin their rollout of VIN check and a more detailed vetting for correct verifiable coverage on units kicks in, position yourself now with Transportation Risk Specialists working as your advocate looking out for YOU.