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Becacue of past terror threats to Fort Dix, NJ, the commercial gate has significantly enhanced their security protocols including the X-Ray of all commercial trucks entering the post. While waiting for our truck to be rayed, we were told a story by both drivers and guards who witnessed the recent incident
After a particular truck was X-Rayed, Guards told the driver there was a concern, and the driver was escorted to secure area and placed in handcuffs “for his own protection”. The X-Ray technician had seen the image of a body hidden under the driver’s bunk in the sleeper. Two armed guards then entered the cab and went back into the sleeper where in fact they did find a body stuffed under the bed. As additional security gathered around and with more driver spectators, the guards drug the body from underneath the sleeper bunk and tossed it out of cab onto the ground. There sprawled on the pavement, for all to see. was a life size blow up sex doll.
You’ve been warned
gary and barb