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Part ll….Carriers Behaving Stupidly…… Driver Loyalty and Productivity Issues

A smart carrier manager: “When you’re are not making money we are not making money” Eric Stoner , Government Section, Panther Exediting The New Paradigm For Rewarding Contractor Retention and Productivity: Let me first start the conversation based on my ten years experience as a Wall Street stockbroker. In many ways O/Os and drivers are very much like stockbrokers. They get a tax form 1099 at the end of each year which makes them self-employed and entrepreneurs. They both work on a productivity basis; in that their level of compensation is based on the fruits of their labor. The...

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Carriers Behaving Stupidly… Driver Loyalty and Productivity Issues

A smart carrier manager: 'When you’re not making money we are not making money.' Eric Stoner – Government Section, Panther Expedited Services In February 2012, I attended a conference of owners of smaller second tier expediters sponsored by Sylectus. The new CEO of Express-1, Bradley Jacobs, gave a speech followed by open questions from the audience. Mr. Jacobs is a hedge fund manager whose firm had recently invested 150 million dollars in Express-1. Brad (his preferred handle) is publicly known best for his purchase and turnaround of a small mom-and-pop company called United Rental. He stated that he was...

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Oliver And The Sergeant

The meek among us shall subdue the mighty 0100 hrs. local time, at an airbase on the Jersey shore. I told the guards at the main gate that I had a delivery of munitions in the morning and was looking for a “safe haven” for the night. After checking my ID and paperwork, they told me to head down to their commercial gate and someone would meet me there shortly to open the gate. I found the entrance and pulled in front of the closed high wire gate and waited. It was one of these deep black nights where...

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Driver Security…..Do ya feel lucky punk?

The following link takes you to a non-classified 'Active Shooter Defense' site: The female Canadian border cop asks, “Do you have any weapons on board such as guns, knives, pepper spray or mace? As usual I say, “No” and most times that ends questions. But then she says, “Do you regularly carry any such weapons when driving in the States?” I’m thinking, “Hey wait a minute lady, that’s none of your damn business.” What I almost said was, “Officer, we make it a point of being totally defenseless when entering Canada, and we drive around the States like...

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An Amish Winter

What we love most about driving a straight truck is the unexpected delights we discover in driving our country's back roads, even in the snow. Travel Log In early January we had a load that took us to Berlin Ohio, in the east central part of the state, not too far from Pennsylvania. Never been there, but wasn’t expecting much of a change in scenery, just the same old flat Ohio farm lands but with a fresh winter coat of snow. As we drove into the region we noticed something different and unusual as the farm country became more...

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Ice Road Truckers….Well Almost

Travel Log: When in extreme weather, we very much experience our cab/sleeper as if it where a space capsul. Without this mechanical bubble, sheltering us from the Arctic conditions, our life could literally only last minutes. The national headlines from the Great Falls, Montana’s, Thanksgiving winter storm read, “There was one storm related death”. We delivered a load of explosives to Great Falls during the storm and the low was -15 degrees with a wind chill of -25 due to constant 30 mph winds. The local news described the fatal incident. It was early evening and the height of...

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Part II, The Belief, Art, And Science Of Accepting A Load

Part II describes the science of load refusal. When it come to mathmatics there are bascially three types of poeople; those that can do math and those that can't. As a business practice, we accept most load offers but we have the right of refusal and use the following criterion for turning down a load: We don’t drive into blizzards. We need a $120 bonus to drive into or through the New York CityMetro Area (covers pain and suffering) We need to make a reasonable profit on the run. (we determine what is reasonable) In a previous blog, I...

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Speedco And The Burning Bush

When something special happens in the ordinary, it's time to share a Travel Log Travel Log I recently finished reading C. S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”, which must have stirred something inside of me. We where at a Speedco to get a truck oil change the other day, and I was in the office waiting for the clerk to settle up my bill. It took a while for the clerk to appear after waiting by myself for too long. She was a young black women and she apologized for her absence, and as she was working on my bill she...

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The Belief, Art and Science of Accepting A Load

As a hotshot driver, the most critical business decision you will make today is whether to accept the load you are being offered. All successful expediters have a decion making process for load acceptance. In the first installment, of this blog, we'll share our approach in Belief and Art of load refusal. Part l Belief: From experience, trial and error, and our personal belief paradigm, we routinely accept all loads that are offered us, but we do use a decision making model to identify those loads that are clearly a bad choice. We drive for Panther Expedite, and based...

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We Are Seeking Shelter

As newbies to tornado, this fall we had our first funnel experience, well almost We had just finished an all niter from Houston to north of Atlanta and I was in a FedEx Office doing some work on their computer. It was about mid-day and before signing off I did a quick check of CNN just to stay in touch with the day’s events. The breaking headline was “Tornado’s north of Atlanta along Interstate 75 flipping cars”, Hmm I thought, we are north of Atlanta just off I-75. “That’s interesting”. I opened the door of the business and was...

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