One of the beauties of expediting is found in the just-in-time schedule nature of expedite freight. To keep up with schedules in expediting, excellent team drivers are not only sought by expedite companies, they are appreciated.

Most successful teams are comprised of husband/wife teams. These teams may be actually husband and wife, two significant others or partners. While there are a few friendship teams out there (two people who live separately outside of the truck and do not share money) husband/wife teams can build up a bank account in a very short time with both checks going into the same pot.

An older husband and wife from Virginia decided to become truckers after their kids were grown. Both went to school, went out with trainers, and then joined up in the same truck. Since both were involved in religious ministry, their main goals were to make enough money quickly so they could retire from trucking and start their own ministry. Within five years, they not only had bought and paid for a home and some acreage in Texas, but were able to retire and get their ministry started.

Panther has a 100% owner operator fleet, but has many small fleets leased on, so driving opportunities are available for non-owner operators. Panther Expedited Services is always on the lookout for good teams along with solo drivers both owner operators and for the leased on fleet trucks. Panther provides a perfect opportunity for husbands and wives who want to travel together while making great money to enjoy expediting.

David Walls was a local heavy equipment hauler for years when the economy went down. In 2009, he bought a truck, found a good friend to run team with while Bonnie stayed working in the corporate field as an accountant at home. With the children grown, Bonnie found she missed David being home daily, got her CDL and joined David on the truck. I had been living in a box for many years working nine to five, when I got my CDL, I stepped out of the box,  Bonnie laughed. I love driving truck and seeing the country. 

While they were first leased on with a company that had been honest with them but did not run them hard enough, they decided they could do better elsewhere. We looked around and started talking to Panther Expedited Services.  Bonnie related. We did not rush into changing companies; we spoke to Panther’s recruiters many times then put a pencil to the numbers they gave us. Almost two years ago, we moved to Panther, we have never regretted our decision to move both trucks to Panther. 

Since David’s friend was a good solid driver, David and Bonnie bought another truck to allow the friend to drive the first one solo when Bonnie got her CDL in 2010. A year and a half ago, they traded their truck for one with a 156  sleeper. With expedite freight being usually so light we could handle the weight of the super sleeper. It has all of the bells and whistles in it; shower and commode, sink, refrigerator, stove and plenty of storage,  Bonnie says. We do not mind staying out away from home for four to five weeks, we have home right here! Most importantly, here with Panther, we can easily afford the extra payments for the large sleeper truck; they have plenty of miles. 

We love it here at Panther. They told us exactly what we could make up front and help us in any way they can. They have a family atmosphere and a truly open door policy. If there is a problem, they address it immediately,  Bonnie stated. We feel so at home here at Panther that we hope to buy at least three more trucks to have leased on with Panther in the near future if we can find good teams to run them. 

If you are a fleet owner, a single truck owner operator or a driver either team or solo, looking for an honest company to work for, contact one of Panther Expedited Services friendly knowledgeable recruiters today for information on working with Panther. Call 800.640.7055 or send an email to [email protected].