I recently had the opportunity to talk with David Swartz, Partner and head of business Development for PTL (Premium Transportation
Logistics) about the history, benefits and future of the company.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself and the role you play at Premium Transportation Logistics (PTL, LLC).

A. I used to have a “real job” as a tool and die maker before starting in transportation. Here at PTL, LLC my original function was President of Sales. Since developing a strong sales team, I’ve moved into the legal, banking, finance, and asset acquisition side of the business.

Q. Give us a little history about PTL, LLC.

A. PTL, LLC started in 2003 with partners Chris Morey, John Mueller, and myself, and a handful of trucks. Shortly thereafter we opened Premium Freight Management, the brokerage division, because we had way more freight than trucks.

Q. What industry organizations is PTL, LLC affiliated with?

A. TEANA, Smartway, Toledo Transportation Association, Detroit Transportation Club, soon to be a TIA member… just to name a few.

Q. PTL, LLC appears to offer several trucking services. Can you tell us more about that?

A. Mainly we focus on ground expedite. We also have a truckload division, and the brokerage division offers flatbed, reefer service, air freight and air charter options.

Q. With these different services that you offer, what kind of drivers are you looking for to build the fleet?

A. The best of the best. Top Quality. Premium pay, Premium freight, for Premium drivers.

Q. Driver retention is the buzz. What kind of driver retention programs does PTL, LLC have to offer?

A. First and foremost is the PAY. Premium offers the highest pay in the industry. Average cargo van loaded mile $1.26, Sprinter average loaded mile all in $1.37, Straight truck all in $1.92, Tractor all-in loaded mile $3.50 Also drivers can participate in the Drive For Gold Program, a rewards program that gives points for things such as not turning down loads, extra training, and timely logs, and can be redeemed for merchandise.

Q. Why do owner operators and drivers want to be part of PTL, LLC?

A. We are very driver-focused. Offering good loads for great pay.

Q. In expediting, freight emergencies happen every day. Can you recall any recent situations where a PTL, LLC driver “saved the day” for your customer?

A. David Allen was out of service about a month ago. He dead-headed 150 miles at the last minute for one of our largest customers. He saved the company from having to shut down.

Q. If you had a crystal ball – what kind of freight year can the industry expect for 2015?

A. I’m expecting freight trends consistent with 2014.

Q. What’s next for PTL, LLC?

A. We are looking to acquire another carrier or open a southern operation in South Carolina, Tennessee, or Georgia.

Q. Anything else you’d like our reader to know?

A. PTL, LLC is set to grow nationally and internationally. We are also set to grow our company driver truckload fleet. We have 2014 & 2015 models open and ready to run…. Come and Grow with us!

For more information, call PTL, LLC at 888.471.7811

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