I recently had the opportunity to talk with Bobby Snyder, Representative for Freightliner Freightliner in Columbus, Ohio.

Q. Who is Bobby Snyder?
A. I have been in the business since 1997 and have been heavily focused on Expediters since August of 1999. I live in Columbus, OH with my wife Lori and we raise
our 5 children. I started with Fyda Freightliner in September of 1997 as a medium duty
Sales Coordinator right out of college. I have sold both new and used vehicles, heavy and
medium duty trucks throughout my career.

Q. Tell us a little bit about Fyda Freightliner.
A. Fyda is family owned and operated since 1954 when they started in Youngstown, OH. We currently own 5 stores all across Ohio and Pennsylvania. We are committed to serving our customers’ needs and strive to develop strong working relationships with them.

Q. You’ve been in the industry for several years now, what‘s some at the biggest changes
you’ve seen?
A. The two that come to mind are equipment and customer base. When I first started there was a typical demographic for expedite truck buyers. Usually they were husband and wife and empty nesters who were not ready to retire but wanted to get paid while seeing the country. There really has been a shift towards small fleet owners and there are very few husband/wife Owner Operators left. The equipment has gone through several emission changes over the years. EGR, DPF and now DEF are the major changes. Truck prices have risen, not only these changes, but also the cost of raw materials and the true cost of inflation.

Q. What’s the biggest challenge to new expedite truck buyer?
A. I think Financing is, and has always been, the biggest challenge for new truck buyers.

Q. What is the best ways to overcome this challenge?
A. Knowing your credit history and having cash reserves are the best way to handle this. If you are looking to finance a truck you should first check your credit, repair it if needed, and be prepared to put down 10-20% on your purchase. Keep in mind you will also need operating funds for the first month or so.

Q. What are three things every truck buyer should know in 2015?
A. Be conservative with your cash. It is very important to put some of your money in reserve for a rainy day. Also, buy the most fuel efficient truck that meets your needs. Have a plan that covers 2-5 years and stick to it. Buy a truck that you will be comfortable in since you will be the ones in it every day for the next several years! Be sure you like what you buy.

Q. Any new truck expedite truck features, etc. for 2015?
A. There are always new improvements each and every year. I have seen a strong push to maximize fuel efficiency and maximize driver comfort. There are also several safety advancements coming in 2015. Active braking assistance and adaptive cruise control would be examples of just a couple.

Q. Cincinnati Bengals or Cleveland Browns?
A. Great question. I guess it would depend on if you are north or south of l-70.

Q. If you had a crystal ball, what does 2015 look like for the industry?
A. We are expecting another strong year for new truck sales. I think we will start to see some quality trades hit the used expediter market as well. There has been a real lack of used inventory in recent years since very few of these trucks were built between 2009 and 2011. We
should start seeing people upgrade their 2012s adding more quality used trucks to the
secondary market. These will be great starter trucks for first time buyers that are not
willing to spend $150K + on a new truck.

Q. How can people reach you?
A. I can be reached at (800) 589-3932 ext. 1211 or by email at [email protected]