I recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with Jeff Tacker, Vice President of Operations for Expediter Services, LLC to get some information on the EGG. — Lawrence McCord, Publisher, Expedite NOW Magazine

Q. What does EGG stand for?
A. It is an acronym for Expediter Group Gathering.

Q. What is the purpose of the EGG?
A. The purpose of the EGG is for people to get to know us and for us to get to know them. We believe that once a person understands what we really do they will want to take advantage of the opportunities we offer. We are wanting to form a personal business relationship by inviting people into our community: Enter our Circle of Success and Utilize our Community of Support.
One of the things this specific EGG will do is highlight opportunities to select, purchase and obtain financing on a straight truck or tractor. We will also be actively recruiting contract drivers: experienced teams that need a unit to operate or new entrants that would like to try this industry.

Q. Who is the event open to?
A. This event is open to all current and prospective Expediters: anyone and everyone who is serious about team contract driving, buying a truck, or financing a truck. However since this will be a private, intimate setting there will be limited space available. So you need to register soon to ensure a spot.

Q. It sounds like truck financing will be the main benefit of this event. What qualifications does a driver need to get financed?
A. While truck financing is a big opportunity that we are sponsoring at this event, it is not the only benefit. There will be multiple truck dealers on-site promoting truck sales. We will also be recruiting contract drivers. But to answer your question about qualifications to financing: we want everyone to know that our credit analysis is different. We weight verified work history and productivity as much if not greater than credit history and credit scores. We are making a collateral-based loan but what we are really doing is buying into people (who they are).

Q. This is a unique event. In fact I have never heard of this being done in our industry before. Where did your inspiration for this event come from?
A. Paul and Jason Williams, along with myself, were brainstorming about ways to get people acquainted with us and our offerings. We were looking for ways to get quality time with people; you know, really get to know each other. During one of those sessions, the idea of having breakfast with a small group the morning after one of Lawrence McCord’s EO Universities came up. We all liked the idea and started planning the event. We needed a name to set it apart from other meetings. Late one night while working on the agenda, which included breakfast, the name hatched. We will have eggs. Scramble that idea with the group of people we were targeting and you get THE EGG: EXPEDITER GROUP GATHERING!

Q. Can you explain the approval process for us?
A. Since we are buying into each person, the process will vary with specific circumstances. Our process for financing is unique because even though it can help a broad range of people, it is still a customized personal program. If you are serious, just give us a call and let us get the process started. The EGG could be your gateway or springboard to success.

Q. How quickly can a driver find out if they have been approved?
A. Some may know prior to arrival at the EGG but our plans are to make approvals during the event.

Q. It sounds like the EGG is promoting great programs with financing being a key component. How successful has Expediter Services’ financing program been?
A. We are seeing 8-10 additional entrants into our program monthly. This consists of drivers becoming first time owners, existing owners who are upgrading, and fleet owners who are growing. January started off very strong, exceeding our expectations which portends a great 2014. We are very excited about helping 150-200 new owners achieve their goals of ownership in 2014. This is true growth for the individuals who utilize our program as well as for the whole Expediting industry and our partner carriers are realizing the benefits.

Q. What criteria do you use to determine whether or not a driver can be approved?
A. The driving approvals are done by one of our partner carriers. Each applicant must be qualified to operate at a carrier. Each carrier has their specific requirements and safety review. They are different for a straight truck and a tractor.
If a person chooses to finance , Expediter Management Services and Expediter Equipment Finance gathers the necessary information needed to determine what options each applicant has to choose from. We have programs and options for most everyone. As stated earlier, we buy into people. Their work history and productivity carry a significant weight in our analysis. We have bank rate loans to offer that cover the entire credit spectrum.

Q. Thank you so much for your time, Jeff. Is there anything else you would like the readers to know about the EGG?
A. We look forward to getting to meet and know each person that will be attending our April 4-5, 2014 EGG in Southaven MS (Memphis TN metro). This will be time well spent for all serious current or prospective contractors wanting to drive, purchase, or finance. We will have guest speakers that are actually utilizing our services. They, along with our leadership team, will be available to answer any questions.
We are also planning on having a couple other EGGS this year. One in conjunction with the Expedite Expo in July at Wilmington OH and one sometime in the fall that will be in the Memphis TN area. Remember the EGG stands for Expediter Group Gathering. The event title may not be changing but the agenda may. So if you want to drive, purchase, or finance a truck please register for the April 4-5 EGG.

Click Here for more information and to register or contact Expediter Services at 888-565-6403