A Practical Guide to Legal Issues in Truck Transportation

Are you ready to kick off the new year with a new spring in your step and confidence 2017 will be more profitable than 2016? Then it’s time for a little homework.

Whether you’re an existing Motor Carrier/Broker or wish to become one, this handy dandy guide will help you remember what you used to know or teach you what you SHOULD know about truck transportation.

Hank E. Seaton, Esq of the Law Office of Seaton & Husk, L.P. has produced a short, approachable, easy to read reference book that’s the best I’ve seen on everything you ever wanted to know about running your business safely, fairly and legally compliant.

It starts with a warmup for newbies and leads into more detail on freight and owner operator contracts, equipment leasing, insurance, cargo and warehousing issues that any truck pro will appreciate. I especially like how he set up the tail end for quick references to quickly review specific terms and topics as a “go to” guide I’ll keep on my desk.

If you are, or want to become, a professional in transportation, I highly recommend this very affordable resource at $49.00 + $5 shipping at: transportationlaw.net.book_order.html

Happy New Year Everyone!