Why do I need Occupational Accident?

…You don’t…unless your Motor Carrier you’re leased on to or the state you’re in requires you to carry it…But here’s why you SHOULD have it.

Occ Acc is the remedy to the more costly Worker’s Comp. It kicks in if you’re hurt while working and pays various Medical, Disability & Death Expenses. Worker’s Comp can be a lifetime benefit, while Occ Acc is limited to the dollar amount you purchase.

Why does your Motor Carrier require you to carry it? One, they believe it’s important for you to have this coverage for your own protection (and some states require it), and two, it indemnifies them in the event you come back and sue that you were an “employee” on the job.

A good Occ Acc plan will also give you some coverage for “non-occupational” activities…when you’re not working. Occ Acc is better priced and less restrictive in pre-existing conditions than Health Insurance. For a fraction of the cost of a true Health Insurance plan, you can have many of the benefits. 

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