At the risk of sounding like a broken
record, I want to emphasize how important it is to get out there and meet and
befriend other Owner Operators and Motor Carriers.
It’s starting to become a pattern that an
Expediter is either quite successful or on the verge of going out of
With other variables the same,
the deciding factor appears to be familiarity, respect and integrity in our
industry as the economy ebbs and flows.

The Expedite Expo is coming July 22
& 23 in Wilmington, Ohio.

It’s the one event dedicated to YOU, our Expediting community.
The Expo is the perfect venue for you to
spend time talking about the changes in Expediting that have affected us this
past year and what could affect us in the future…and be prepared.

We look forward to it every year.
It’s an opportunity for us to get together
with our clients, future clients and all the great people who support our
We offer pro bono insurance
advice, and numerous other companies offer free information and guidance as

Do you have a friend or relative looking
for a new career?
Bring them along to
explore options….you could be doing a great favor for that person looking for
direction in life.
So spread the word,
the Expediter Expo is the place to be July 22 & 23!

Pssst…be sure to take part in the 2
$1,000 Cash Drawings for CIS Driver Appreciation by voting for “Best in Show”
and our Friday Casino Night!