We asked our readers, "What's the weirdest load you've hauled?" Here is a sampling of the answers.

1,000 pound of pizza dough for Domino’s from their warehouse in Illinois to their warehouse in Missouri back on Superbowl Sunday!

Tom B. – St. Charles, IL

A full load of mattresses going to a hotel, that shouldn’t have been crazy, but the load went to an open field, where the hotel was scheduled to be built in three months.

Steve G – Kent, Ohio

I hauled a custom made casket for a very, very large man it barely fit between the wheel wells of my van.

Toby B. – Mattawan, MI

I haul flavoring for a company that supplies the world’s most famous doughnut company. Boy, that Blueberry smell will linger for a couple of weeks!

Jimmy J. – Medina, Ohio