1) Freedom of setting my own hours.
2) Travel.
3) Income.

Jim Short
Premium Transportation Logistics
Cargo Van


1. Because I live in Michigan and there are no jobs here.
2. Enjoy the open road and love to travel but do not treat this as a paid tourist thing but a real job.
3. I like new experiences.

Greg Siciliano 
FedEx Custom Critical
Cargo Van


1. Every day we get to see something new, it’s like a big adventure out here something we would never see if we were at home.
2. We love to travel so get to do this job and get paid to see our wonderful county plus Canada that we never had got to or even think we could do own our own.
3. We also get to make our own choices without having a boss looking over your shoulder and making allot of decision we would never think you would make.

Scott and Helen Massom
Panther Expedited Services
Straight Truck


1. Independence that comes with being your own boss.
2. Income potential.
3. It really is nice to see parts of the country I would have otherwise never seen.

Andy Lanier
FedEx Custom Critical
Straight Truck


1. We believe in the “American Dream” and expediting has proven to be an extremely viable avenue to that accomplishment. Where else can you build a company with excess of 2 million dollars in revenue in less than 2 years with no bank financing……just the money you make running your truck.
2. The thrill we get from traversing the most beautiful and varied country in the world. To wake up to a different sunrise and watch a different sunset every day. “America The Beautiful” is brought to life in every run we have.
3. The ability to visit any family member we want to whenever we want. We are not tied down to 2 weeks vacation a year and having to decide where we want to travel to. We can see my family in Louisiana during Thanksgiving and Terri’s in AZ at Christmas and all of our friends from the northwest coast to the southeast whenever we like. Knowing where the best bass lakes are in SC and WI, there is nothing else that compares to the personal freedom of expediting. We do not have to run the wheels off our truck to make money but can instead enjoy what we do because compensation is so much better.

Charlotte Johnson and Terri Turner
Panther Expedited Services
Tractor Trailer


1. Driving around in a van with a company name and logo is less suspicious looking than when I drove around in an unmarked van.
2. I like hanging out in Wal-Mart parking lots. Plus when I go into use the facilities the greeters all say good morning Greg and give me a newspaper.
3. It was the only job I could find after my lobotomy.

Note: The above answers are in no specific order of importance.

Greg Geronsin
Panther Expedited Services
Cargo Van